Skin Symptoms Observed in Covid-19 Patients

TRACK-11: Skin Symptoms Observed in Covid-19 Patients

The second wave of coronavirus has scarier symptoms, which are vaguely different from its classic signs. While we know about virus's impact on important organs, there's a lot we still don't look out  as COVID markers. Some signs be missed quite scary and easily.  SARS-COV-2 virus's ability is to cause symptoms and skin infections and one of them. COVID toes have a long-discussed not usual COVID symptom, COVID nails are  newest symptom to be concern about. Distinct markings on  nail beds could also serve as an indication that  person might have contacted a COVID-19 infection in past. Visible lines and patches on nails. Rashes can be itchy, painful and act as when there's inflammation widespread  on skin. Catching COVID-19 could  be a reason that you get skin rashes. Hives also an unusual could also be a sign that COVID-19 is spreading rapidly to your skin. Develop scaly dry lips during the infection phase  be same and soreness can also spread inside mouth.



  • Skin sensitivity
  • Urticarial
  • Rashes and Blisters

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