Stem Cell Therapy on Skin

Skin stem cells are involved in the process of skin repair. Stem/progenitor cells of the epidermis are recognized to play the most essential role in the tissue regeneration of skin. Among all the distinct skin stem cell subgroups, epidermal stem cells are the ones most deeply correlated to tissue repair and skin regeneration. "Stem cells of human beings have enormous capacity to repair and replenish old worn out cells. When these cells are introduced in the facial skin and other areas, they can yield great results. Sagging skin gets replaced with firm and bouncy skin in no time. We have seen that fine lines, age spots, wrinkles, start diminishing and in some cases the signs eventually disappear. Most epidermal stem cells reside in the basal layer of epidermis, some might also be found in the bulge region of the hair follicle and the base of the sebaceous glands.


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