Scientific Program

Conference Series Ltd invites all the participants across the globe to attend International Dermatology Conference: Skin and Body Bali, Indonesia.

Day 1 :

Keynote Forum

Terri Vinson

Synergie Skin, Australia

Keynote: Enviroageing: The impact of urban pollution, infrared and visible light on human skin

Time : 12:05-13:05

Conference Series Skin Body 2018 International Conference Keynote Speaker Terri Vinson photo

Terri holds a Bachelor of Science (Immunology & Microbiology), a post-graduate Diploma of Formulating Chemistry, and a Diploma of Education (Biology & Senior Science). She is a world recognised formulator, lecturer and author in the field of cosmetic science. As the founder and formulator of Synergie Skin, Terri Vinson is dedicated to creating highly active cosmeceuticals and functionally protective mineral makeup. In accordance with her trademarked ‘Clean Science’ philosophy, she is dedicated to formulating safe and ethical products that protect, change, and nurture skin and promote long-term dermal health.



Introduction: The skin is the largest organ of the body and in constant contact with both the internal and external environment. The impact of environmental pollution and solar radiation (UV,IR and HEV) are the major contributoirs to cellular damage, free radical formation and enviroageing. Until recently the aesthetics industry has been solely focused on the harmful effecs of ultraviolet wavelenghts of radiation only. It is universally accepted that UVA and UVB protection is mandatory. However, we are now looking beyond the UV sprectum at the negative impact of infrared light and high energy visible light (in particular blue light) and the potentially damaging interaction with epidemal and dermal cells. Moreover, the impact of urban pollution is now recognised as a significant factor contributing to cellular inflammation and extrinsic ageing. This presentation investigates the impact of urban pollution and radiation beyond UV on th viability and function of human skin cells.

Discussion: (1) Dermal impact of environmental pollution (a) Discussion of cellular effects of PM2.5 and heavy metals, (b) Novel new ingredients to protect fom pollution damage, (c) Supporting In vivo and in vitro clinical data.(2) Discussion of Infrared (IR) light and effect on human cells (a) Discussion of novel new topical to comabat IR dermal damage,  (b) Supporting In vivo and in vitro clinical data. (3) Overview of UVA and UVB damage and impact on human skin cells (a) Mineral sunscreen protection, (b) Supporting in vivo data. (4) Impact of HEV (High energy visible) blue light on  deraml viability, (a) Environmental Protection from Blue light, (b) New evidence supporting the presence of light receptors in skin. (5) Protective cosmeceutical ingredients to mitigate enviroageing

Conclusion:  Science is now able to look beyond UV into enviroageing and and discover novel ingredients to combat environmentally based cellular damage and inflammation.